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Main products & Applications:

SKYSPERSE EC pigmented chip dispersions are pre-dispersed pigments in ethyl cellulose resin ( EC resin ), and can be used in a wide variety of different types of finishes and which may contain any of the usual protective coating pigments.

Main applications are as follows:

Aluminum foils
Paper & corrugated box
Cellulose film
Polythene or polypropylene

Automotive refinishes
Wood lacquer
Molding plastics

Nail polish


Product Name C.I. NO Pigment (%) EC(%) Additives(%)
White B-EC P.White 6      
Yellow AAMX-EC P.White 13      
Yellow AAOT-EC P.Yellow 14      
Yellow AAOA-EC P.Yellow 17      
Yellow 5GX-EC P.Yellow 74      
Yellow HR-EC P.Yellow 83      
Orange G-EC P.Orange 5      
Orange B-EC P.Orange 13      
Orange GR-EC P.Orange 34      
Orange RL-EC P.Orange 36      
Red C-EC P.Red 53:1      
Red 4B-EC P.Red 57:1      
Red 2B-EC P.Red 48:1      
Red 2B-EC P.Red 48:2      
Lithol Red 3144-EC P.Red 49:1      
Lithol Red C-EC P.Red 49:2      
Red R-EC P.Red 4      
Rhodamine Toner-EC P.Red 81      
Red FGR-EC P.Red 112      
Quindo Magenta-EC P.Red 122      
Fast Pink FBB-EC P.Red 146      
Scarlet R-EC P.Red 166      
Fast Red F5RK-EC P.Red 170      
Magenta 2B-EC P.Red 184      
Blue Toner PMA-EC P.Blue 1      
Blue A-EC P.Blue 27      
Blue BN-EC P.Blue 15:2      
Blue BF-EC P.Blue 15:3      
Blue BFFR-EC P.Blue 15:4      
Green G-EC P.Green 7      
Violet PTMA-EC P.Violet 3      

Quindo Violet-EC

P.Violet 19

Violet RL-EC P.Violet 23
Medium Black B-EC P.Black 7
Jet Black C-EC P.Black 7

For technical data and ratio of pigments loading, resin and additives, please contact our sales department. You can send your enquiry to sales@skysperse.net.

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