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Innovative products for Digital Imaging

Digital imaging, especially ink jet printing and electrophotography, is a fast growing industry with special needs for innovatinve products and materials. SKYJET® and Skytone products offers a wide range of products specifically formulated for digital imaging. Our full-scale colour range of pigments, nano pigment preparations/dispersions create vivid photo quality images and specially designed for use in INK JET INKS for SOHO and wide format , CISS(Contineous Ink Supplying System) applications.We provide colours last longer when exposed to light, so the digital prints not only look better, but also last longer.

Skychem offers NANO-DISPERSED PIGMENT preparations/dispersions for INK JET INKS ( SOHO MARKET , CISS, Contineous Ink Supplying System), outdoor wide format.

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