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SKYJET® DWT Water-based Pigment Dispersions

SKYJET® series offers high-quality Ready for Use SKYJET DWT water-based pigment dispersions specially formulated for use in textiles,wall coverings,paints,printing inks and coatings.
Our DWT products are used extensively in textile digital printing and screen printing applications such as T-shirts and sportswear.
We specialize in custom manufacturing of specialty water-based dispersions including cost effective aqueous pigment dispersions made to your exacting requirements.We strive for customer satisfaction with all products we design and manufacture.
Contact us to discuss how “SKYJET®DWT” can help you meet your pigment dispersion needs!

SKYJET®DWT Water-based Pigment Dispersions range
Skyjet White B-DWT(C.I.Pigment White 6)
Skyjet Yellow 3G-DWT(C.I.Pigment Yellow 3)
Skyjet Permanent Yellow HR-DWT(C.I.Pigment Yellow 83)
SkyjetYellow 3R-DWT (C.I.Pigment Yellow 93)
Skyjet Orange RL-DWT(C.I.Pigment Orange 34)
Skyjet Permanent Red 2R-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 2)
Skyjet Permanent Red F4R-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 8)
Skyjet Bronze Red C-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 53:1)
Skyjet Fast Red BBN-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 48:1)
Skyjet Lithol Red 3144-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 49:1)
Skyjet Lithol Rubine 4B-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 57:1)
Skyjet Fast Pink FBB-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 146)
Skyjet Rhodamine Red-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 81)
Skyjet Scarlet R-DWT (C.I.Pigment Red 166)
Skyjet Quindo Margenta-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 122)
Skyjet Fast Red F5RK-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 170)
Skyjet Magenta 2B-DWT(C.I.Pigment Red 184)
Skyjet Black B-DWT(C.I.Pigment Black 7)
Skyjet Phthalocyanine Green G-DWT(C.I.Pigment Green 7)
Skyjet Phthalocyanine Blue BS-DWT(C.I.Pigment Blue 15:1)
Skyjet Phthalocyanine Blue BGS-DWT(C.I.Pigment Blue 15:3)
Skyjet Violet PTMA-DWT(C.I.Pigment Violet 3)
Skyjet Violet RT-DWT(C.I.Pigment Violet 19)
Skyjet Violet RL-DWT(C.I.Pigment Violet 23)


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