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SKYSPERSE pigmented chip dipsersions,also known as pigmented chips or color chips,are organic and inorganic pigments pre-dispersed in various resin systems such as RS & SS nitrocelluloses, water-based acrylic co-polymer,polyamide,vinyl co-polymer,CAB,PVB resins for application in making high quality flexographic & rotogravure printing inks as well as deluxe paints,lacquers and coatings. Besdies,

SKCYEM also offers nano and sub-nano particle sized pigment dispersions for using in ink jet inks and high tech coatings.

SKYSPERSE offer the complete pigment pre-dispersion with the outstanding advantages and require no further grinding. Pigmented chip dispersions create great chances for ink makers to produce the excellent quality flexo and gravure printing inks without much investment in technology and equipments. Ink makers can have maximum flexibility of adjusting their ink formulations by using pigmented chip dispersions because the chips can be directly used or dissolved into the paste form with varnish in their ink formulations.The cost of chip inks made from pigmented chip dispersions is similar to those of conventional printing inks but the chip ink quality is more superior and competitive.

Technical Advantages

Packaging industries require high quality printing inks as they will affect the quality of their final products. To produce high quality liquid inks, the most important factor is the dispersion of the pigment in the ink. In other words, ink's quality depends on the particle size of pigment and the clearness of colors on packaging film. Therefore, ink makers are trying to get know-how and facilities in order to improve the clearness of colors.

Because of the mill machines' limit, it is difficult to get pigments fully dispersed if only using mill machines to produce liquid inks. However, inks made from pigment chip dispersion can give the excellent transparency and clearness superior to normal inks.Because of the excellence of chip inks, using of pigmented chip dispersions, you can produce the highest quality of solvent and water-based liquid inks without much investment in technology and equipments.

Traditional ink production system is generating solvent evaporation with bad odor. Besides,it has a demerit for some certain colors with dispersion. Even though the demand for the packaging ink was increasing, the ink industry had not been successful in solving the problems.In the 1990's the USA, Europe, Japan and East Asian countries began to produce the inks from pigmented chip dispersions to improve these problems. Now, chip inks are becoming more and more popular in the market. It is possible to produce the high quality ink in bulk volume without complicated process by using pigmented chip dispersions. And the production cost is not much different from that of the conventional method. Moreover, pigmented chip dispersions have more advantages in respect of the qualities of ink and product loss.

There are some outstanding merits of chip inks:

1. Clear printing colors
As chip inks are treated completely with the dispersion and the processing, degree of the highspeed and continuous printing is excellent and the printing colors are clear because of the excellence of the color revelation. These qualities are good at a photo printing.

2. Excellent gloss and higher strength
The pigmented chip dispersions improve color strength and gloss more than 10%.

3. Finer blocking resistance than the exiting inks
The production system of efficiency and stability with the specific character of chip ink is also good to block resistance, with a high degree of adhesion power, laminating, stability of storage and a trouble free of any static electricity.

4. Less residual solvent than traditional inks
Quantity of solvent residue is reduced to about 1/3- 1/4 than traditional solvent inks.

5. Better adhesion and laminating
Because of the improved flexibility, the adhesion strength is excellent both for printing and laminating processing.

6. Excellent solvent resistance
Not only the phase of bleeding by solvents (Tol / M.E.K / E.A) to be used for anchor coat agent and adhesion but also the bleeding to the next unit when printing is improved.

7. Excellent storage stability
The stability of the quality not being come to the Gel on low temperature (-10 n)

8. No static electricity
Because of the excellent dispersion, there is no problem with static electricity.

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