SKYMENT IO-TYPE  PIGMENTS are specially treated and selected for best suitability and high performance in offset printing inks. 

SKYMENT IO-TYPE PIGMENTS ar dispersibility, heat resistance, light fastness and solvent resistance.

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Skyment Yellow IO-12020 Diarylide Anilide 180 C 3 5 5 Opaque, strong, easy dispersing with excellent offset properties
Skyment Yellow IO-13020 Diarylide m-Xylididie 180 C 4 5 5 Semi-transparent reddish yellow with good glossy and dispersibility
Skyment Yellow IO-14020 Diarylide o-Toluidine 180 C 4 5 5 Semi-transparent greenish yellow with high tinctorial strength 
Skyment Red       IO-57130 Rubine 4B 180 C 4-5 2-3 4 Bluish with good gloss, transparency and high tinctorial strength 
Skyment Red        IO-57131 Carmine 6B 180 C 4 3 4 Process magenta with higher tinctorial strength and good gloss
Skyment Red         IO-57132 Carmine 6BY 180 C 4 3 4 Yellowish shade red with with high tinctorial strength
Skyment Blue    IO-15340 Phthalocyanine Blue (Beta Type) 250 C  8 5 5 Greenish shade Beta blue with good transparency, brightness and high tinctorial strength
*The above pigments are suitable for four-color processing offset printing inks.
Skyment Yellow     IO-17020 Diarylide O-Anisidide 180 C 5 5 5 Bright greenish yellow with high transparency and good dispersibility
Skyment Yellow     IO-83020 Diarylide DMCA 200 C 6 5 5 Reddish yellow with good light fastness and heat stability
Skyment Red     IO-22030 BON Arylamide IYS 180 C 4-5 3-4 3-4 Bright yellowish naphthol red similar to Lake red but barium-free
Skyment Red     IO-48130 Azo 2B Toner (Ba) 180 C 4 2 4 Bright yellowish red with good flow and gloss
Skyment Red     IO-48230 Azo 2B Toner (Ca) 180 C 5 3 5 Bright bluish  red with high tinctorial strength and good gloss
Skyment Red     IO-53130 Lake Red C (Ba) 150 C 4 1-2 4 Bright yellowish shade red with high gloss and good dispersibility
Skyment Red     IO-11230 BON Arylamide FGR 180 C 7 5 5 Clean medium shade red with excellent light fastness and chemical resistance
Skyment Red     IO-12230 Quinacridone  180 C 7-8 5 5 Bright bluish red with excellent fastness and resistance properties
Skyment Red     IO-14630 Mono Azo Carmine FBB 200 C 6 5 5 High performance bluish red with excellent fastness properties
Skyment Red     IO-17030 Mono Azo Naphthol F5RK 180 C 7 5 5 Strong bright bluish red with excellent lightfastness and soap resistance
Skyment Blue     IO-15140 Phthalocyanine Blue ( Alpha stabilized)  250 C 8 5 5 Non-crystallizing reddish alpha type blue with excellent heat resistance 
Skyment Green     IO-07060 Phthalocyanine Green 250 C 8 5 5 Strong medium shade phthalocyanine green with good transparency and tinctorial strength
Skyment Orange     IO-13070 Diarylide Pyrazolone 180 C 3-4 5 5 Bright reddish orange with good heat stability and moderate lightfastness
Skyment Orange     IO-34070 Diarylide Pyrazolone 180 C 4-5 5 5 Bright reddish orange with high transparency and good gloss
Skyment Violet     IO-03080 Violet PMT 150 C 4 2 5 Very bluish violet with outstanding brilliance, color purity and strength
Skyment Violet     IO-23080 Dioxazine 220 8 5 5 Reddish shade violet with outstanding fastness properties and tinctorial strength 
Skyment Violet     IO-23081 Dioxazine 220 8 5 5 Bluish shade violet with excellent brilliance and fastness properties

 Notice: all the technical data provided herein is for guidance and reference only. Uses are suggested to test the pigments according to their own methods and applications.  

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